The Miller Law Firm provides the following Due Diligence Review at no cost to their clients.  Generally, this review takes 7-10 days to complete.

Statutes of limitations:

  • Obtain a Notice of Completion (10 year statute; SB 800 time limits)
  • Review association records and repairs documents (3 year statute)

Community Association Property Profile:

  • Research the following:
    • HOA Corporate Statute
    • California Secretary of State
    • Notice of Completion and Occupancy
    • CC&R provisions for Maintenance and repair responsibilities

Declarant/Developer/General Contractors:

  • Perform online searches of the declarant, builder, and general contractor for location, agents for service of process, bankruptcy, and solvency.

Site Inspection:

  • Schedule independent forensic experts to determine extent, location and scope of defects, and evaluate how each deficiency triggers time limitations found in SB 800.

Executive Session Board meeting:

  • Meet with the board to discuss all of the above information, with counsel and experts present.

Protect all inspections and discussions:

  • Doing these activities with legal counsel will protect the findings under the attorney client work and product privileges.