Below Grade Walls

Below Grade Walls

Why Some Below Grade Walls Fail

Common Problems:

  • Grade slopes toward building.
  • Inadequate waterproof membrane.
  • No protection board.
  • No extension of waterproof membrane above grade or over footing.
  • No foundation drain.
  • No gravel or filter fabric around drain.
  • No waterproof membrane under slab.

Potential Damage:

  • Efflorescence and water stains on walls
  • Ponding against building and on basement floors.
  • Moisture migration though slabs.

The Five Basic Elements For Waterproofing Below Grade Walls:

  • Waterproof membrane
  • Protection board
  • Gravel Fill
  • Foundation Drain
  • Filter Fabric

Recommended Solutions:

  • Slope the finish grade away from the building,
  • Install a membrane under the concrete building slab,
  • Provide a cant strip to transition the waterproof membrane at any 90 degree angle,
  • Install ultraviolet protection for the above-grade waterproofing.