Association Property Profile:

Research the HOA corporate status with California Secretary of State, dates of completion, CC&R provisions for maintenance and repair responsibilities and dispute resolution mechanisms.

Maintenance Manual Review:

Review the HOA’s Governing Documents and Maintenance Manual for compliance and compare to the obligations under Title 7 of the California Civil Code. Declarant/Developer/General Contractors: Do an online search of the Declarant, Builder, General Contractor for location, agents for service of process, licenses and solvency.

Time Limits:

Obtain a Notice of Completion (Title 7 time limits) and review association records and repairs documents.

Site Inspection:

Schedule independent forensic experts to determine extent, location and scope of violations of standards for residential construction including time limitations found in Title 7.

Executive Session Board Meeting:

Schedule a meeting with the Board to discuss all of the above information with counsel and experts present. Experts will conduct power point presentation of building performance violations and maintenance manual compliance.

Protect all Inspections and Discussions:

Protect all findings under the attorney client work product privilege.