A construction defect claim brought by an association with more than 20 units that was built before January 1, 2004, is subject to the Calderon process (California Civil Code Section 6000).

10 years

  • From the date of substantial completion (California Code of Civil Procedure Section 337.15)
  • The 10-year period shall commence no later than the date of one of the following, whichever is first:
    • the date of final inspection by the applicable public agency.
    • the date of recordation of a valid notice of completion.
    • the date of use or occupation
    • one year after termination of work on the improvement

3 years

From the date the board discovered each defect (California Code of Civil Procedure Section 338)

4 years

For defects apparent by reasonable inspection(California Code of Civil Procedure Section 337.1)