Commitment to our clients, with an emphasis on thorough communication, allows our firm to provide a timely and effective resolution of your claims. To meet your needs and take the pressure off the Board of Directors and Community Managers, The Miller Law Firm provides the following client services: 

The Board Of Directors and Community Managers Can Expect

1. A full Building Audit and Due Diligence Review. 

2. A monthly status letter on the claim progress. 

3. A monthly expert and cost accounting. 

4. An estimate of all expert expenditures with a financial timeline. 

5. Coordination of all site inspections, both Association and Builder inspections, taking the burden off of management. 

6. Access to a confidential online case portal that includes: 

  • Monthly Board status reports and accounting 
  • Case documents including the original SB 800 Notice, original arbitration filing notice, case management timelines and pleadings 
  • Expert reports: HOA and defense Cost of Repair reports and findings 

Homeowner Communication and Repair Response

1. Mail an owner survey and cover letter explaining the claims process. 

2. Mail an owner disclosure statement every quarter

3. Respond to all owner repair requests and coordinate temporary repairs directly with the contractors and the owners. 

4. Mail schedules of site inspections and testing and coordinate unit access. 

5. Directly communicate with owners and their agents and brokers during the sales or refinance process. 

6. Access to a confidential online case portal that includes: 

  • Initial and quarterly disclosure statements and case conclusion documents 
  • Homeowner surveys 
  • Testing and investigation letters
  • Court documents including pleadings and case management timelines 
  • Homeowner meeting notices 
  • List of approved lenders for selling and refinancing

Mediation and Reconstruction Orientations

1. Meet with the Board in mediation, before the case settles, to identify all priority repairs and costs and to identify the settlement and recovery. 

2. Introduce the Board of Directors to project managers and reconstruction contractors during mediation and after settlement to help in the selection of the appropriate repair contractor. 

3. Assist in locating Reconstruction Experts and providing reports, findings and recommendations after settlement. 

4. Meet with the Board of Directors after settlement to ensure a smooth transition into the reconstruction process.