El Niño

The following "El Niño Survival Guide" is a comprehensive list of recommendations prepared with the help of a construction specialist to assist homeowners with any questions and prepare for an El Niño event:

What Is El Niño?

El Niños occur approximately every two to seven years. It is a disruption of the ocean-atmosphere system in the tropical Pacific causing trade winds to reverse. This reversal creates a rise in ocean temperatures in the Eastern Pacific and results in unusual weather patterns worldwide, including floods and droughts.

Signs of El Niño:

  • High Winds
  • Heavy Rains
  • Flooding
  • Power Outages
  • Road Closures
  • High Surf

Property Owners and Association Managers can take Several Steps to Prepare for the Predicted Storm Season:

  • Get an inspection proactively: This will help to inform whether repairs are necessary and what further steps should be taken to withstand an El Niño storm.
  • Fix any issues while they are small and the weather is still dry
  • Small problems can quickly turn into larger issues as wait times for repairs (and prices) increase during storms.
  • Institute a maintenance plan: Regular maintenance can substantially increase the life of a roof, and some damage can be avoided merely by cleaning out gutters and drains.
  • Act quickly: By addressing issues before the storms hit, problems can be avoided entirely or have their severity reduced.  Waiting can only lead to more serious and costly problems.
  • Prevention Is Key: The best way that property managers can combat an El Niño event is by preparation in advance. During a major storm, roofing companies will be overextended with repair calls, and a small leak can quickly cause thousands of dollars in damage. Therefore, by taking steps in preparation of El Niño and ensuring roofs and decks can adequately withstand an El Niño storm, property managers can limit damage and avoid serious issues that may otherwise arise.
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EL Niño Online Resources:

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