Flashing Fails


Flashing Fails

Why Some Window Flashing Fails

Common Problems:

  • Incorrect sequencing of flashing installation resulting in improperly lapped building paper and BCRFM (barrier-coated, reinforced flashing material), often identified as Sisalkraft paper.
  • BCRFM paper cut too short or missing.
  • Use of improper materials in window flashing such as using cut-up building paper instead of BCRFM paper.
  • Omission of butyl sealant bead around bottom and slides of window units between the flange and BCRFM paper.

Potential Damage:

  • Water intrusion into the framing system and living spaces resulting in:
  • Dry rot in the wood-framing system.
  • Water-strained gypsum board.
  • Damaged flooring materials, carpeting and interior furnishings.

Proper Solutions/Construction for Aluminum and Vinyl Window Flashing:

  • Installation should be per Uniform Building Code Section 1707(b).
  • Use only approved materials.
  • Follow window manufacturers' details for installation of flashing materials.
  • Follow industry standard details, such as those of the Plastering Information Bureau.

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