Hold Downs

What Is A Hold Down

Common Problems:

  • Missing hold down.
  • Undersized hold down.
  • Improper location of hold down.
  • Improper installation of hold down.

Potential Damage:

  • Cracked finishes.
  • Water intrusion.
  • Ruptured plumbing and gas lines.
  • Partial or total collapse of the framing system.
  • Personal Injury,

Proper Construction:

  • There are generally two types of hold-downs; the embedded strap and the anchor bolt hold down. There function is to prevent the end of a shear wall from lifting off the foundation. The following are the principal elements necessary for hold downs to function properly:
  • A-Correct size of anchor bolt and/or hold down.
  • B-Attached to the end stud by sufficient nailing or bolting.
  • C-Nut tightened sufficiently on anchor bolt
  • D-Bolt holes drilled to proper size
  • E-Strap or bolt properly imbedded into foundation.
  • Positioned properly at the end of the wall, adjacent to the end post.
  • Positioned at the proper distance from the edge of the foundation.

Typical Hold Downs:

Hold Downs