Sample Owner Letter


Dear Homeowners,

Our firm has been retained by your homeowners association board to conduct a due diligence assessment of deficiencies in the common areas and major building components. The board of directors is taking these steps to protect and preserve your investment. Their responsibilities and duties to you, the association members, are important and they are consulting with independent consultants to assist.

California law allows an association to bring to the attention of the builder common area construction deficiencies and ask the builder to fix or pay to fix the problems. As part of this same process, we served the builder a formal notice under what is called SB 800, identifying those building performance standards that have been violated as verified by an independent architectural firm. When the builder responds, they have the right to inspect the existing conditions, and if they choose, make an offer to repair. The builder's response is due January __, 20.

In order to assist the board in this effort, we ask that each of you fill out and return the enclosed owner survey in the self-addressed, stamped envelope provided. If you have a tenant, please ask them to cooperate with you in filling this out. This will advance our efforts to identify building performance issues in and about your unit and collectively give us substantial additional data to share with our experts. It is therefore, extremely important that you take the time to provide this information to us no later than January , 20_.

This letter and its enclosures are strictly confidential and are protected by the attorney client privilege. Do not waive this privilege by disclosing its contents to the developer, converter, general contractor, or of their representatives. Please refer any and all calls or contacts from the developer directly to our office, including any written communications.

Once this information is received and analyzed, we will provide all owners with a summary of these survey results and will set up a meeting with all of the owners to discuss our findings and options.

Thank you for your cooperation. I truly look forward to receiving your homeowner survey responses.

Very Truly Yours,


Thomas E. Miller