Why Some Crawlspaces Can Haunt You

Common Problems:

Crawlspaces 1
  • Lack of cross-ventilation.                                        
  • Insufficient ventilation openings in surrounding walls.
  • Inadequate clearance between earth and wood components.
  • Water entry into Crawlspace.
  • Lack of code-required access to Crawlspace.
  • Exterior grade slopes toward the building.                                                          

Resultant Damage:

  • Mildew, mold and high ambient moisture due to lack of ventilation.
  • Wood rot and structural damage.
  • Ponding against building.
  • Water through foundation wall.
  • Water in Crawlspace.

Proper Design:

Crawlspaces 2
  • Provide proper clearances between earth and wood components per the Uniform Building Code (UBC), Chapter 25.
  • Provide adequate ventilation openings per UBC, Chapter 25.
  • Slope grade away from building.
  • Provide cross ventilation per UBC, Chapter 25.
  • Provide Crawlspace access per UBC, Chapter 25. 

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