Mold is growing all around us, inside and outside of where we live.  There are literally tens of thousands of species of mold, and the majority of these have little impact.   However, certain types of mold can cause physical harm and damage ones home or condo.  The information provided below is a guide to provide some understanding of Toxic Mold:


The following is useful guide to help you get started, to help you understand whether you have mold, and if the mold is causing damage to you and your home or condo.

  • The presence of moisture intrusion.

  • The moisture intrusion is the result of faulty construction.
  • The intrusion has resulted in mold growth in sensitive areas such as wall cavities, interior spaces, or foundation crawl spaces.
  • The mold is a health hazard.
  • The health hazard requires the complete removal of contaminated surfaces.
  • You suffer from serious and long-term health problems as a proximate result of the health hazard.