The size and style of windows installed at many homeowner association developments is usually varied and unique to the particular development. Windows are commonly manufactured using aluminum steel or wood as the frame material. Windows typically come with single glazed (one piece of glass per frame) or double-glazed (two pieces of glass per frame with a scaled air space between the glass).

Common Window Types:

  • Horizontal or vertical sliding window with an adjacent fixed or non-moving window.
  • Sliding glass doors.
  • Fixed window (a window designed not to open).
  • Green house or bay window.

Common Problems:

Possible Damage:

  • Staining of walls, windowsills, or floors.
  • Mold or fungus visible on window frame, sill, or adjacent wall.
  • Trapped moisture between panes on double-glazed windows.
  • Water leaks into non-ventilated areas adjacent to windows.
  • Mildew, fungus, and dry rot.
  • Structural Failure.
  • Sliding windows or sliding glass doors that are difficult to open and close.
  • Windows that, when closed, allow air drafts into building.
  • Cracked stucco.
  • Gaps between stucco and window frames.
  • Fogging between glass in double glazed windows.